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    מיכל לאיסוף דגימות שתן בנפח 2 ליטר, 3 ליטר ו-4 ליטר ל-24 שעות

    24 hour Urine Collection Container

    Brand new urine collection bottle designed and manufactured by MiniPlast. Includes two openings for both collection and specimen transfer to test tubes or other recipients.
    כוס ומכסה עם שני פתחים עבור בדיקת ואיסוף שתן

    An Innovative Cap for Performing Urinalyses

    We have launched an innovative cap designed to make the nurses’ collection of urine specimen in clinics easier and ensuring a cleaner work environment. During the development process we examined in detail the needs of health organizations’ nurses in the field.

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