Petri dishes for sale

    Miniplast specializes in the production of PS (Polystyrene plastic) Petri dishes for laboratories and hospitals, for over 30 years.

    We produce Petri dishes of 90mm diameter with the highest quality standards in the industry, under Class
    100 Clean Room conditions through automated production and packaging line – without any human contact.

    In addition, we also offer 90mm Gamma sterilized Petri dishes.

    In order to give you a complete range of products, we supply Petri dishes in other sizes on demand:
    50mm, 60mm, 100mm, 150mm


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    PS (Polystyrene plastic) Petri dishes FAQ

    What are Petri dishes?


    Petri dishes are shallow, cylindrical, transparent plastic or glass dishes with lids. They are commonly used in laboratories for culturing and growing microorganisms or conducting various biological experiments.

    What sizes of Petri dishes are available from Miniplast?


    Miniplast offers a range of sizes for Petri dishes, including various diameters such as 55 mm, 90 mm, and 150 mm. Please refer to the product listings on the website for specific size options.

    Are the Petri dishes from Miniplast made of plastic or glass?


    The Petri dishes from Miniplast are typically made of high-quality plastic materials. They are commonly manufactured using clear polystyrene (PS).

    Are the Petri dishes sterile?


    Miniplast Petri dishes are injection molded and packed in Clean Room condition and automatically packed and sealed in the clean room. Therefore, Miniplat Petri dishes are considered Clean Room Sterile. Miniplast also offer Gamma Sterilized Petri dishes upon request

    Are the Petri dishes from Miniplast stackable?


    Yes, the Petri dishes from Miniplast are designed to be stackable. This feature allows for efficient use of laboratory space and convenient storage.

    Can the Petri dishes from Miniplast withstand sterilization methods?


    The specific sterilization methods that Petri dishes from Miniplast can withstand may vary depending on the material and product specifications. It is advisable to consult the product information or contact their sales team to determine the compatibility with your desired sterilization method.

    Can the Petri dishes be used for both solid and liquid culture media?


    Yes, thanks to their absolute flatness that ensure even dispersion of the media on the dish, the Petri dishes from Miniplast can be used for both solid and liquid culture media. They are suitable for agar-based solid media as well as liquid media such as broths or nutrient solutions.

    Can Miniplast customize the Petri dishes with labeling or branding?


    A Petri Dish has to be absolutely clear and transparent, therefore no printing or branding is possible on the Petri dIsh itself. However, Miniplast can brand the customer’s logo and other details on the plastic sleeve where the Petri Dishes are packed and sealed. Miniplast can also print and brand the carton box containing the sleeves of the Petri Dishes. It is recommended to contact Miniplast’s sales team to discuss any specific requirements or inquiries regarding customization.

    Does Miniplast offer bulk ordering options for Petri dishes?


    Yes, as a Petri Dish manufacturer, Miniplast prefers to deal with distributors and importers of Laboratory, Medical and Hospital disposables and to offer bulk orders

    What is the minimum order quantity for Miniplast Petri dishes?


    Since the Petri dishes are a stock item, we can deliver one carton box or more. However, for efficiency and for lowering transport costs, it is recommended to order a 20’ full container quantity which contains approximately 400 boxes of 500 Petri dishes each. Q: How can I contact Miniplast for further inquiries about Petri dishes? A: You can contact Miniplast’s sales team through the provided contact information on their website. This may include phone numbers, email addresses, or inquiry forms. Reach out to discuss your specific inquiries or requirements related to Petri dishes.

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