Disposable Centrifuge Tubes

    For over 30 years, Miniplast has been producing centrifuge tubes for the laboratory and medical markets.

    We produce a wide range of plastic centrifuge tubes:

    • 15ml, 30ml & 50ml PP (Polypropylene) tubes with conical or with a skirted bottom.
    • 15ml, 30ml & 50ml PS (Polystyrene) transparent tubes with conical bottom.
    • All our plastic centrifuge tubes are printed and capped with our plastic leak-proof screw caps.
    • Virgin Resin: we use only Medical Grade polypropylene resins.
    • We don’t use recycled plastics or non Medical Grade resins.
    • We offer tubes that are sterilized by Gamma as well as non sterilized tubes.
    • Our tubes are inspected and approved as RNA-DNA free.

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    Disposable Centrifuge Tubes FAQ

    What are disposable centrifuge tubes?


    Disposable centrifuge tubes are specialized tubes used in laboratory settings for centrifugation processes. They are designed to hold liquid samples and withstand the high speeds and forces generated during centrifugation.

    What sizes of disposable centrifuge tubes are available from Miniplast?


    Miniplast offers centrifuge tubes, in 2 sizes, which are the most common sizes: 15 mL  and 50 mL.

    Are the disposable centrifuge tubes from Miniplast made of plastic?


    Yes, the disposable centrifuge tubes from Miniplast are made of high-quality plastic materials. The tubes are made of a durable and chemically resistant polypropylene (PP). The tubes’ caps are made of polyethylene (PE).

    Are the disposable centrifuge tubes sterile?


    Miniplast offers both sterile and non-sterile options for disposable centrifuge tubes. It is important to check the product description or consult with their sales team to determine if the specific product you are interested in is sterile.

    Can the disposable centrifuge tubes withstand high speeds in centrifugation?


    Yes, the disposable centrifuge tubes from Miniplast are designed to withstand the high speeds typically used in centrifugation processes of up to 20,000 G. They are constructed with materials and a secure cap or closure to prevent leakage or sample loss during centrifugation.

    Can Miniplast customize the disposable centrifuge tubes with labeling or printing and branding?


    Customization options such as printing the customer’s logo on the tubes are available for disposable centrifuge tubes. These options are usually relevant under large order quantities of 200,000 pcs. or more. It is recommended to contact Miniplast’s sales team to discuss any specific requirements or inquiries regarding customization.

    Does Miniplast offer bulk ordering options for disposable centrifuge tubes?


    Yes, as a manufacturer Miniplast highly prefers to deal with distributors of Medical, Lab and Hospital disposables and to offer large order quantities of disposable centrifuge tubes.

    Are the disposable centrifuge tubes from Miniplast compatible with common laboratory centrifuges?


     Yes, the disposable centrifuge tubes from Miniplast are designed to be compatible with common laboratory centrifuges. They can be used with standard laboratory centrifuges that accommodate the corresponding tube sizes.

    Can the disposable centrifuge tubes be used for storage of samples after centrifugation?


    Yes, the disposable centrifuge tubes from Miniplast can be used for storage of samples after centrifugation. They typically come with secure caps or closures to ensure the integrity of the samples during storage and transportation.

    How can I contact Miniplast for further inquiries about disposable centrifuge tubes?


    You can contact Miniplast’s sales team through the provided contact information on their website. This may include phone numbers, email addresses, or inquiry forms. Reach out to discuss your specific inquiries or requirements related to disposable centrifuge tubes.

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