Disposable Centrifuge Tubes

For over 30 years, Miniplast has been producing centrifuge tubes for the laboratory and medical markets.

We produce a wide range of plastic centrifuge tubes:

  • 15ml, 30ml & 50ml PP (Polypropylene) tubes with conical or with a skirted bottom.
  • 15ml, 30ml & 50ml PS (Polystyrene) transparent tubes with conical bottom.
  • All our plastic centrifuge tubes are printed and capped with our plastic leak-proof screw caps.
  • Virgin Resin: we use only Medical Grade polypropylene resins.
  • We don’t use recycled plastics or non Medical Grade resins.
  • We offer tubes that are sterilized by Gamma as well as non sterilized tubes.
  • Our tubes are inspected and approved as RNA-DNA free.

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