Urine Containers & Cups

    Urine containers and cups to be used for sample collection. Below are listed the

    urine specimen cups that we manufacture, made of clear, transparent polypropylene

    (PP) and available in different quantities. Some of the models are designed for

    vacuum collection method.

    In addition, some of these specimen cups can also be used for urine collection.

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    Urine Containers & Cups FAQ

    What are Urine Collection Cups and Containers?


    Urine collection cups or containers are small or large containers used in healthcare settings, such as hospitals and community clinics for sampling and testing of urine.

    What sizes of medicine andWhat sizes of medicine and specimen cups are available from Miniplast?


    Miniplast offers a range of sizes for Urice Collection from 4 oz (120 mL) and 7 oz (200 mL) as well us 24 hours Urine Collection Containers in sizes of 2, 3, and 4 L. These large containers are assembled with a needle for vacuum testing of the urine. Please refer to the product listings on the website for specific size options.

    Are the Urine Collection Cups and Containers from Miniplast made of plastic?


    Yes, the Urine Collection Cups and Containers from Miniplast are made of high-quality plastic materials that comply with the relevant regulation for medical use plastic raw materials. They are typically manufactured by injection molding, using durable and non-reactive polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE).

    Are the Urine Collection Cups and Containers from Miniplast disposable or reusable?


    The Urine Collection Cups and Containers from Miniplast are generally designed for single-use and are considered disposable. They are intended to be discarded after one-time use to ensure hygiene and prevent cross-contamination. Miniplast Urine Cups and Containers can be recycled through the recycling stream of PP or PE, subject to the local regulations regarding recycling of medical device.

    Are the Urine Collection Cups and Containers sterile?


    Urine Collection Cups are produced and assembled in a Clean Room so they are considered to be machine Sterile, as they are injection molded in 200 Celsius before being assembled and packed. However, Urine Collection Cups and Containers are usually not sterilized by Gamma. Miniplast can offer a Gamma sterilized option for urine Cups and Containers. It is important to check the product description or consult with their sales team to determine if the specific product you are interested in is sterile.

    Can the urine containers/cups be used for other specimen collection purposes?


    For other applications that are not urine sampling or testing, it would be better to use our Medicine and Specimen Cups

    Do the Urine Collection Cups and Containers come with leak-proof lids?


    Yes, the Urine Collection Cups and 24 hours Urine Collection Containers from Miniplast typically come with leak-proof lids or caps to ensure secure closure and prevent leakage during transport or handling.

    Are the Urine Collection Cups and Containers from Miniplast suitable for medical professionals and home use?


    Yes, Urine Collection Cups and 24 hours Containers from Miniplast are suitable for use in both medical professional settings, such as hospitals or clinics, as well as for personal or home use. For the 24 hours collection containers, the patient would usually receive a 2, 3, or 4 Liter container to collect the urine at home, during 24 hours.

    Can Miniplast customize the Urine Collection Cups and 24 hours Collection Containers?


    Yes, Miniplast offers customization options for these products, including labeling the Urine Collection Cups with the graphics or text requested by our customers. Miniplast can work with customers to emboss logos, measurements, or other necessary information to the cups or to the 24 hours containers, based on specific requirements.

    Are the Urine Collection Cups and Containers from Miniplast compliant with regulatory standards?


    Yes, Miniplast ensures that their Urine Collection products meet relevant regulatory standards for quality and safety. They adhere to industry guidelines to provide products that meet the necessary requirements for medical and laboratory use.

    Does Miniplast offer bulk ordering options for Urine Collection Cups and Containers?


    Yes, as a manufacturer Miniplast prefers to deal with bulk orders for their products. Customers can contact Miniplast sales team or use the provided inquiry form on the website to discuss quantity and pricing for larger orders.

    What is considered a large quantity for wholesale ordering?


    Usually a full container, which has approximately 200,000 Urine Collection Cups (sets of sampling cups assembled with the caps), is considered as a large order. However, Miniplast is willing to support it’s wholesaler customers and distributors also with smaller quantities, especially at the beginning of their process of establishing the market for the products.

    Does Miniplast offer wholesale pricing for Urine Collection Cups and 24 hours Containers?


    Yes, Miniplast offers wholesale pricing for customers who are interested in purchasing in larger quantities. Wholesale pricing is generally available for bulk orders and can be discussed with their sales team.

    Can Miniplast provide samples for evaluation before placing a large quantity order?


    Yes, Miniplast would encourage new customers to order samples – few pieces  of the product in order to evaluate the compatibility of Miniplast Urine Collection Cups and Containers, to the customer needs.

    How can I contact Miniplast to discuss wholesale and large quantity orders?


    You can contact Mini-Plast’s sales team through the provided contact information or by Email: sales@miniplast.co.il | Tel: +972-4-6374395. Reach out to discuss your wholesale and large quantity requirements.

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