Urine Collection Cup + Cap with Two Openings

Urine Collection Cup + Cap with Two Openings

A new model of urine specimen collection cup made by MiniPlast, which provides a faster and easier solution for urine collection using two openings located on the specimen cup’s cap:

  • The first opening is a standard opening with a needle for the suction of the sample using a vacuum test tube.
  • The second opening is a lift top lid on the cap, which, when lifted, enables access to the sample inside the cup using a test strip (dipstick) for bacterial sampling. In this manner, the urine sample can be reached without the need to remove the main cap, thus preventing the dripping of the tested liquid and wetness on the work surface.

This new model is designated to upgrade the nurses’ work environment by enabling an easier, safer, and more hygienic lab work.

The cup is produced and packed in cleanroom conditions ISO 7 (Clean Room Class_10,000).

Color: This cup is transparent. The cap is produced in blue but it can be manufactured in any other color – subject to a minimal quantity ordered.

ItemDescriptionVolumeUnits/CartonCarton measurements (cm)Material
840-125-21-105 120 ml vacutainer with an additional opening, blue cap, 250 pieces per box 120 ml 250 60x39.5x49 PP