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About Us

Miniplast was established in 1976 and since then had been engaged in manufacturing plastic disposables for research laboratories and hospital. In our factory at Kibbutz Ein Shemer, Israel, we produce a variety of plastic labware products in the fields of microbiology and chemistry, using the most advanced injection molding machines, in clean room conditions and by using automated packaging processes without any human contact:

  • Petri dishes
  • Centrifuge tubes
  • Inoculating loops
  • Specimen cups
  • A variety of custom made plastic injection molded products, produced according to our customer's needs

We are the exclusive manufacturer in Israel for the above products and have been supplying them for over 40 years to a variety of customers in different markets:

  • Clinics and hospitals.
  • Universities and research institutions.
  • Laboratories located in food, pharmaceutical & chemical factories.

Over the years, we have achieved renowned reputation for the high quality of our products, which is reflected by:

  • Products with very high level of cleanliness, produced in clean rooms on fully automated production lines.
  • Use of quality raw materials with the appropriate medical certificates.
  • High availability which enables us to provide our products just in time.

In the year 2016, Miniplast was purchased by Gil Plastic Products LTD, from Kibbutz Ein Shemer. Gil Plastic Products has been engaged, since 1987, in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical packaging: bottles, jars, caps and closures As a result of this acquisition, we currently offer our customers a wide range of medical products: plastic and glass bottles and jars, caps, closures, Petri dishes, Centrifuge tubes, Specimen cups, Water Sampling bottles and customized plastic manufacturing services under clean room conditions. We have a wide range of machinery and equipment: injection molding machines, blow molding machines, robots, printing machines, assembly lines, packaging automated lines and clean room facilities, that allow us to respond to any of your projects.
You are welcome to contact us with any questions regarding one of our products or custom made project.

For more details please contact us